Running only use the highest quality of EPDM virgin materials to ensure the final quality. Specially selected components like rubber, oil, calcium carbonate, pigments and chemical add-ons are precisely blended in the mixer machine. So created compound is then vulcanized in the autoclave to make it hard, and flexible. The next stage of production is to granulate the compound into small, uniform grains with specified size (fraction), meanwhile the rubber dust will be removed when going through special equipment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to escort the construction of healthy and comfortable leisure and entertainment communities.

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Sport & Leisure

We believe that all forms of play, sports, physical activity are essential throughout life, and we would like to contribute to the construction of quality places.



We Believe in mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, representatives, suppliers, and industry affiliates.

We Believe our employees are our most valuable assets. We strive to instill a sense of teamwork and pride by providing a safe and productive work environment in which employees are treated with fairness and respect.

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